Cosmetic Botox® in Brandon, MS

Carney Family Dentistry is proud to offer Cosmetic Botox® to our patients, a safe, non-invasive treatment option to improve your appearance without surgery. Botox treats fine lines and wrinkles in just one treatment. The natural results of frowning and smiling are lines and grooves around the mouth, nose, and outside corners of the eyes. Cosmetic Botox can smooth away these lines and create a more youthful, softer appearance. 

Initial Consultation

We will schedule an initial consultation to discuss your aesthetic goals to ensure the most dramatic results. We evaluate your facial lines, review your medical history, and determine whether Cosmetic Botox is the right treatment option for you. Next, we map out the appropriate injection sites for optimal results, calculate the correct dosage, and answer any questions you have. 

The Treatment

Cosmetic Botox injections are not painful. You may feel a mild stinging sensation, but the injection is just under the skin’s surface, not deep into the skin. No anesthesia is needed. If you like, you can take some Tylenol before coming to the office for your treatment, but this is unnecessary. It takes just a few minutes for the injections. 

The injections take a few days to smooth out the lines and wrinkles, with the full results typically taking up to a week. You can expect the results to last anywhere from three to four months. With long-term use, Botox cosmetic injections last progressively longer. The best results are achieved when using Cosmetic Botox for treating lines around the lips and eyes, including laugh lines and frown lines. 

What to Expect Post-Injection

After receiving Cosmetic Botox, you may have some redness or mild bruising at the injection sites. This will usually fade within a few hours, and you can return to your normal activities immediately. If you experience any discomfort, an ice pack can help. Many of our patients have their injections during their lunch hour. 

Side effects can occur but are rare. These include temporary muscle weakness and drooping eyelids. These are temporary and wear off when the Botox wears off. We will review the risks with you thoroughly at your initial consultation. 

If you feel self-conscious about the lines and wrinkles on your face, Cosmetic Botox may help restore a more youthful appearance without surgery. Contact our office at Carney Family Dentistry Office Phone Number 601-992-3351 to schedule an appointment today.

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